CBN Subcontractor Program

Only available in Select Areas

The CBN Subcontractor Program is designed to help new cleaning business entrepreneurs and freelance cleaning contractors gain valuable cleaning experience and make money fast! This program is also ideal for the solo entrepreneur who doesn't desire to grow a big business, but wants to increase their income; or for new entreprneurs who need cleaning experience.



  • Pay the CBN Subcontractor Certification Fee to cover your training costs

  •  Training will include; but not be limited to: how to clean, customer service, legal business structure set up, general business practice, onging mentorship, etc.

  • After you finish your certification training you will officially become a subcontracting partner with us or our local affiliate in your area and begin providing cleaning services

  • Clean Biz Network or our local partners will handle finding the customers, billing them, and all of the administrative tasks

  • You keep 75% of the gross revenue from each customer that you serve, while we keep 25% of the payment from the customers

  • There will be not be a non-compete agreement in place to stop you from going out and getting your own contracts so your potential for growth is unlimited!


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