About Us

Clean Biz Network exists to help entrepreneurs startgrow, and scale commercial cleaning companies. Our goal is to remove the barrier to entry for new and disenfranchised entrepreneurs to allow them to have options beyond cleaning franchises and subcontracting for bigger corporations.
If you haven't started your business yet, or you have started and you just need some guidance as a new business, you're in the starting phase and our Cleaning Business Starter Kits would be for ideal you. Click HERE to check them out!
If you've started your business, know how to run your business, and you just want to grow it, you'll want to try out our Lead Generation Service. Here's the link for that https://www.cleanbiznetwork.com/pages/lead-generation-service
If you have both of the above, but you're ready to scale your business to the high 6 figures/million dollar range, then you'll want our Cleaning Business Automation program. Here's the link for that automation.cleanbiznetwork.com


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